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The Photographic Congress specializes in video documentation for conferences and exhibitions.We also produce commercial promotional videos, training videos, and provide commercial documentation Services


The Photographic Congress is a production made by a small, tactical crew comprised of specialized professionals in the fields of production, videography, video editing and sound editing. Videos produced by us have earned many viewings and high praise - some of the letters of recommendation weve received are available for viewing on our website



The Concept:

What Makes Us Unique: 

The Photographic Congress proposes to produce a short promotional video for you, up to three minutes in length, to be filmed during the exhibition. The video will include a presentation of the booth and interviews with the presenters, who will describe the product or service being marketed, with the purpose of leveraging the exhibition you participated in even after it has concluded, both as a visual archive for the company, and as a final tool of persuasion for clients visiting your website.


Presenting at an exhibition showcases the brand's achievements and reliability  exactly what your clients are looking for. All your products will already be arranged and ready for filming. We will arrive at the exhibition, film, and edit, giving you a unique promotional video that was produced in a living, breathing business environment: an exhibition. 

Why Make a Movie? 

please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.



   Ben Wishlizky CEO

The Photographic Congress


mobail :972-50-5899789

Commercial Movie

Exhibition Movie - Exhibitor

Exhibition Movie - Organizers

The photographic Congress was chosen by Disney Parks compony to Produce the Israeli version to the 60 years clip for the song "It's a small world"

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